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Books List for World Refugee Day
A literary content marketing download that resulted in 1,500 new e-mail leads and helped generate $8,000 in donations in 10 days.
On the Refugee Crisis in Jordan
In a refugee crisis, these Arabic children's books can connect the world.
Meet Phimya
The story of an inspiring minority girl I met and profiled in Laos.
This is What a Feminist Looks Like
A profile of three fathers in Nepal who are helping change their communities with girls' education.
5 Ways We're Teaching Girls...
A listicle highlighting how Room to Read's Girls' Education Program teaches girls to protect themselves.
Hungry for Change
Profile of Devina, a Tanzanian girl who beat the odds to stay in school.
3 People Who Ditched Cubicle Life
For those who dream of chucking those TPS reports to the sky, here is a three part series on twenty-somethings to inspire you. Average Janes and Joes who sidestepped the rat race and found fulfillment in the road less traveled. You’ll hear about the ah-ha moments that changed everything, and how they continue to sustain themselves, while manifesting their dreams.
School Bus Turned Tiny Home
Some travelers seek plush, queen-size beds and waterfront views. Others yearn for a changing horizon and the open road. Lake Tahoe residents, Nick Cahill and Jessica Perez, soak up the best of both worlds with their Blue Bus Adventure, a vehicle that’s part vacation vessel, part tiny home.
Matriarchs of the Mission
While the Mission harbors many creative visionaries, these four entrepreneurs took stock in the Mission when it was hardly hip to do so.
Road-tripping in the Rockies
After hiking and dining your way through Boulder, it’s time to explore more epic terrain. The Rocky Mountains are calling. Fortunately, this national park sits just 40 miles away, taking road-trippers no more than 90 minutes to settle into a heaping slice of heaven.
Preparing for Hiking The Narrows
Top tips for trekking Zion's infamous river trail.
2-Day Guide for D.L. Bliss
Family-friendly spots to camp, hike, and soak up Emerald Bay's beauty.
4 Cozy Treehouse Getaways
Sunset.com: Relive children dreams in these rooftop scenes
How I Found My Inner Compass
Put me on Muni and I’ll hop off at the wrong stop. Give me keys to a Vespa in Chiang Mai and I’ll lose my friend within three minutes, crashing into a stranger in 30. Search for me in Shanghai and I’ll follow the largest crowd in hopes they’re going to the same place I am. They’re not.
Boosting Pollinator Life with Plants
The San Francisco Chronicle: Discover which plants bring the hummingbirds, butterflies and bees..
Biochar aids soil fertility
The San Francisco Chronicle: Breaking down biochar
White House Takes on Honeybee Declin
Sunset.com: Update on efforts to aid collapsing honeybee colonies
Basics of Gray Water
Sunset.com: A water wise method for drought-conscious gardeners
Profile on Deborah Garcia
The San Francisco Chronicle: Profile on passionate filmmaker, steadfast environmentalist and widow of Jerry Garcia
3 Ways to Improve Soil
The San Francisco Chronicle: Explore tips on composting, teas, and more.
Drought-friendly Chicken Coop
Behind the building of this stunning California chicken coop
Day in the Life of Cannabis Farmers
The Bold Italic: Profile on the day to day of several organic, cannabis farmers
Upkeeping Curb Appeal Mid-Drought
Homefolio Magazine: Experts tips on maintaining a low-water exterior
Updating Vintage Homes
Homefolio Magazine: Interior design tips for updating old homes with a contemporary touch
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