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My Projects

I'm a Freelance Creative Director and Copywriter with over 10 years experience helping companies connect with their story and unique brand identity. I'm a storyteller and a brand-synthesizer, with experience writing, concepting, and leading creatives. I've written and led the design of everything from billboard advertisements and website copy to morale-boosting or action-driving video scripts. I can help you capture the essence of your brand in just a few words or move your audience to tears. Whether you need a pitch video to catapult seed funding, website copy that a simplifies complex topic, or a clever slogan to plaster across your city, I'll work with you to craft a message that's just looks, sound, and lands just right.


Launched a new branding campaign for Rocketship Tennessee to showcase three schools with unique offerings. This was later translated into Arabic and Spanish for a city-wide billboard campaign.

Role: Creative Director & Copywriter

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Software Company Pitch Video
Led the writing, production and post-production of a video intended to support fundraising and client acquisition of or a new software organization. Also advised on their website layout and content.

Role: Creative Director & Copywriter
Tagline for New School
Collaborated with freelance copywriters to co-create tagline
for a new traditional elementary school that offers music electives. Staged photoshoot and led designer through creation process.

Role: Creative Director & Copywriter
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Product Launch Promotional Video
In the early days of the pandemic, I led the creation of a teacher-facing resource website and led the post-production of this promotional video to promote the resource. This video helped drive nearly 20,000 new users to organization's website over 6 months.

Role: Creative Director & Copywriter
Campaign Launch Video
Directed and edited this as the first of a suite of videos to promote the launch of a charter network opening schools in a new state. I also crafted the billboard tagline, 
"We prepare today's dreamers to become tomorrow's leaders," which paralleled with the concepting of this video.

Role: Creative Director & Copywriter
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