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Kimberly Gomes is a multi-media creative who writes about open roads, rising selves, and blooming strength. She is a poet, writer, and singer/songwriter who has crafted books, personal essays, poems, songs, and podcast content on themes related to healing trauma in the body, reclaiming the voice, and charting your own course as a thirty-something wayfinding woman.


Her debut album, First Bloom, is now available and her poetry collection, Love Notes to the Body (Dancing Girl Press, 2019) can be found here.


Kimberly received her MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, where she wrote her first literary fiction novel, A Road of Her Own, which was named a semi-finalist for the 2022 Black Lawrence Press Book Award. She was also a 2024 artist-in-residence for Arquetopia Oaxaca. She's currently working on a collection of personal essays. You can find her most recent poetry and prose on Substack. 


For her day job, Kimberly is the creative director for Rocketship Public Schools and also helps select entrepreneurs illustrate their impact through inspiring videos and website copywriting. She has 12+ years of experience helping organizations bring their story to life through heart-centered creative collateral. She previously led documentary content marketing for international NGO, Room to Read, and was a travel producer for Sunset Magazine, as well as a columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle and

She's particularly passionate about collaborating with women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC entrepreneurs, activists and organizations.

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