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Multi-Media Storytelling
that Informs, Inspires & Sparks Action

Every organization has a beating heart at the center of their work - a pulse that connects your cause to your people. For the last 12 years I've helped mission-driven organizations create captivating content that showcases the essence of who they are and how they're making an impact in this world.
As a full-time creative director with years of experience as a video editor, copywriter, and journalist, I craft research-informed, inspirational content that's respected for quality and known for tear-jerking creativity.
Services include:
  • Crafting a content strategy based on your audience, goals, and distribution plan
  • Scripting and editing impact storytelling, explainer & call to action videos 
  • Project managing video production from ideation to distribution
  • Copywriting and design guidance for websites, billboards, and print/digital advertising
  • Podcast episode production and editing
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